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My Story

My life, from the outside, seemed to be wonderful, but I knew something was missing. An inner voice, my true voice, was suppressed. After giving birth to my son, the voice I silenced became unbearably loud. During my maternity leave, I found myself in the midst of cliques and locked out of the inner mom circles. It was dreadful, and I knew going back to my old job was not an option for my well being. I decided to start over. 


I dug into my inner core, made space for exploration and found that I was... afraid. I had been suppressing my inner voice because I was afraid of fully and radically accepting my authentic self. 


After the pandemic hit, I saw the suffering all around and could no longer let the fear of what if’s dictate my future. My purpose was louder than the fear. I made a choice to embrace my truth and I came alive.


There is truly nothing more fulfilling for me than supporting someone on their own journey to discovering their own authentic self. As we realign ourselves to our core, everything seems a bit more bearable, even possible.


This is my truth, guiding you to yours. 


  • Certified Life Coach   

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner

  • Practitioner of Timeline Therapy ™ 

  • Additionally, I hold a BA in Psychology and an MA in Management, as well as half a decade of corporate experience with Fortune 500 and 1000 companies.

My Philosophy 

  • Your Truth will set you free 

  • We are each responsible for our own experiences

  • Without integrity, nothing works

  • Forgiveness & compassion will always reveal the right path 

  • Look inward first, then outward

  • Freedom is an internal choice

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